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What is End of Life Care?

End of life care is caring for someone during the later stages of a life-limiting illness such as cancer, motor neurone disease or dementia. At the earlier stages of diagnosis, you may have a developed an end of life care plan to ensure your loved one’s wishes are met and they can live as comfortably as possible in their final days.

End of life care includes looking after their physical and emotional wellbeing and ensuring they are treated with compassion and respect such as being kept clean, comfortable, safe and cared for with their pain managed.

End of Life Care At Home

Many people wish to receive end of life care at home, to remain in familiar surroundings and close to family and friends. We understand this can be a difficult and demanding time, so we can provide end of life care such as assisting them with washing, dressing and eating to ensure they are kept as comfortable as possible and treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

We can either provide a live-in carer or a carer who visits on a daily basis to provide round the clock care that your relative or friend deserves. By receiving end of life care at home, they will receive dedicated care and attention to ensure all of their needs are met and caring pressure is taken off you, so you can spend this valuable time with your loved one.

End of Life Care Plan

When you hire a carer from Live In Solutions, we will discuss the patient’s end of life care plan with you and ensure we are aware of their wishes. We are there to provide physical and emotional care and ensure the end of life palliative care is in line with their personal and spiritual beliefs and that they are at their most comfortable for their final weeks, months or years.

Our carers are trained with providing end of life care and will treat your loved one with the care and dignity they deserve. We aim to match our carers and patients as suitably as possible, because this professional relationship is an important one for both parties and they should feel comfortable with the person they are receiving care from.

It is understandable that many people want to live their final days in a familiar environment and within their own home, however this can be physically and emotionally demanding on family members, we feel that this valuable time should be for you to be able to talk and reminisce. Our end of life care means you can focus on them while we ensure their needs are met.

A Care Plan That Works For You

We can work with you to discuss a care plan that suits everyone, providing as much or as little care as you need. Our carers can assist with a range of daily tasks such as washing, dressing, eating, cleaning and cooking.

If your loved one lives alone or needs constant care, we can provide a live-in carer to ensure they are looked after, and their demands are met. All of our carers are vetted and trained so you can feel confident that your family member or partner is treated with the dignity and respect they deserve during this precious time.

Contact us today to discuss end of life care at home, we can talk through the end of life care plan and the type of care you are looking for.

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