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What is live in care?

Live in care is an ideal care option if somebody wants to remain in their own home or with family but may need extra support throughout the day. With live in care, a carer lives with the person they care for, so they can provide one to one support throughout the day.

A live in carer will be provided with their own room and have agreed hours of work and rest, but they are there to provide round the clock care so somebody can remain living safely in their home. The support provided, could cover a range of tasks such as light housework, pet care, food preparation and cooking, food shopping, picking up prescriptions, medication reminders, assisting with personal care and mobilising around the home.

Live in care in Ashford is becoming increasingly popular as it means a person with additional needs can live safely in their own home and have the familiarity of the same carer who will have a full understanding of their needs.


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Why choose live in care in Ashford

As well as ensuring someone does not have to give up their home to move into residential care and that family can stay together and see each other on their own terms, it also ensures that somebody can retain as much independence as they are able to.


Our carers will always encourage the people they care for to do things for themselves if it is safe and they are able to. Holding onto these skills, movement and routines is important for a healthy body and mind, but they will be there to offer support and step in as and when needed.

This reassurance that a live in carer provides, means that somebody can continue to do the things they love such as seeing friends and family, visiting social clubs, days out to their favourite places, shopping for the things they need, and continuing to be an active member of their community.

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If you think you could benefit from live in care services in Ashford, then do not hesitate to contact us at Live in Solutions. Our carers are enthusiastic about their jobs and have the experience, training, and expertise to provide the very best care. They are all fully vetted and supported by us, so you are in the safest of hands.

To find out more about live in care in Ashford and how we can support you – why not book a live in care consultation with us to allow us to put together a care plan and present your options so you can make an informed decision.


We will provide you with a quote based on honest pricing with no hidden charges and we are happy to offer our advice from many years of having provided this service and we will always explain anything you do not understand.