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What is live in care?

Live in care is an ideal care option for someone who needs support throughout the day to assist with their daily life. A carer lives at home with the person they care for, enabling them to provide ongoing support for someone on a dedicated and consistent basis.

Live in care could be suitable in any number of situations, such as, if someone lives alone, has mobility issues, learning difficulties, illness, injury, dementia or just requires some support with completing daily tasks. A live in carer can provide as much or as little help as needed and they are on hand to provide companionship.

A live in carer can provide a varied roster of support such as helping with light housework such as washing up, laundry, hoovering or changing bed linen. They can also prepare food, help with medical care or taking medication, do food shopping, pick up prescriptions or personal care such as help getting dressed, using the toilet and bathing or showering.

You will need to provide a spare room for the carer, so they have somewhere to sleep and their own space for when they are off duty.

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Why choose live in care in Canterbury?

Live in care in Canterbury could be an ideal solution to allow someone to remain in their own home in familiar surroundings and with loved ones. It’s an ideal way of ensuring that help and assistance is always available when needed but still having an element of independence and the familiarity of living at home. It could be an option for someone who either lives alone or as a package of wider support to assist an existing family carer.

Live in care provides the best of both worlds, with one-on-one care there is constant support as well as the freedom to remain independent and enjoy home comforts and familiarities – seeing friends and family on your schedule, keeping to familiar routines and surroundings.

Live in care in Canterbury means both client and carer benefit from time spent together, allowing them to build up a relationship based on trust and understanding that ensures happiness for them both. Residential care often has a high ratio of residents to carers meaning dedicated time and attention isn’t always possible, whilst visiting care is often for short visits not always provided by a consistent care team. With live in care in Canterbury – you can ensure the very best care is provided when you require it.

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