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What is live in care?

Live in care is when a carer lives at the property of the person they care for, allowing them to provide round the clock one on one care. This enables them to build a strong rapport with the person they care for and greater understanding of their needs and routines to deliver the best care possible.

This type of care could be appropriate for people with a variety of needs such as those with a disability, learning difficulties, long-term illness or injury or a progressive condition. We have carers specialised in a range of areas to provide the most appropriate assistance.

A live in carer can be there to assist a family carer, a couple who both need assistance or to provide companionship and support to somebody who lives alone. They will need their own room at the property, so they have somewhere to sleep and relax when off the clock.

Live in care in St Albans could consist of assisting with a variety of tasks such as help with personal care such as getting dressed, helping with going to the toilet or washing, preparing food, carrying out housework, pet care, picking up prescriptions, helping with mobility and much more.

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Why choose live in care in St Albans?

Live in care in St Albans can be the perfect care option for someone who is having difficulty living independently but wants to remain in their own home. A live in carer can offer that support, providing help when needed whilst encouraging independence when it is appropriate.

It can be the ideal compromise between visiting care and residential care – allowing somebody to live on their own terms where they have built memories but also remaining safe and cared for, able to keep to their routines and see family and friends whenever they please.

It means the carer and the person they care for can build a strong professional relationship where they can feel safe in the knowledge that their carer will know as and when care and support are required. This can be difficult to provide with visiting care due to changing carers every day or with residential care when one carer may be looking after multiple clients.

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