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A live-in carer provides care by living in the same house as the person they are caring for to provide round the clock care and support as and when it is needed. Live in care can include many things such as helping with physical therapy, assisting with getting dressed, bathing or using the toilet, helping with household chores or going out to appointments or social networks.

The role of a live-in carer will vary greatly depending on the type of care the carer needs to provide and the demands of the individual they are looking after. Someone people might need constant support, or some may need limited support around the home with a greater emphasis on companionship.

Day-to-Day Tasks For A Live-In Carer

A day in the life of a live-in carer will usually start with them getting up early and getting themselves ready meaning that they are then able to adequately assist the person they are caring for when they wake. They will then help them get up and start the day, be that helping them get out of bed, go to the toilet or put on their dressing gown.

They’ll then usually help with normal morning routines, such as having a bath or shower, brushing teeth, brushing hair and getting dressed. The level of support they will provide will depend on the individual person and their requirements and they will work out when to assist and when to step back. Our carers are trained to always encourage independence when safe to do so whilst also being a reassuring presence.

Our live-in carers always provide care in a way that is respectful and sensitive to allow the person they are caring for to feel comfortable and maintain their dignity at all times. It can be a big step to allow someone outside of your family to care for you, so we will work with you so that your carer fully understands your needs and beliefs.

What Household Tasks Will A Live-In Carer Help With?

A live-in carer will assist with a variety of household tasks such as cooking and planning & preparing meals, washing up, cleaning, vacuuming and laundry. They can do this as and when needed and will work with the person they are caring for to understand the level of assistance they require with household chores and how they like their home to be kept.

The Morning

The live-in carer will provide breakfast and make tea or coffee for the person they are looking after and help them along with any morning routines such as taking medication, watching TV or reading the newspaper. If they have any appointments or clubs they need to attend, or they want to go into town for some shopping – a live-in carer can take them where they need to go and always be there for support.

The Afternoon

Around lunchtime, the client may want to meet up with or visit a friend or family member, or they may be happy at home for most of the day. A live-in carer can make them lunch and provide help with household chores or keep them company while they watch their favourite daytime television programme. Based on the requirements and expectations of the client, our carers will always be there when needed but also allow the time and space to continue to enjoy your home when you just want to relax in your own company.

During the afternoon, they can help with any daily or regular routines such as practising exercises from physical therapy, helping with a crossword or just sitting in the garden having a chat. If there are any afternoon clubs or appointments then these can also be incorporated into the daily routine. Whether the individual likes to be at home most of the day or likes to be out and about, a carer will arrange their day around your needs and preferences.

The Evening

Based on your usual dinner time, a carer can help prepare and serve dinner, helping with feeding if necessary. They will listen to and understand the personal tastes and appetite of the individual to understand what and when they like to eat. If the individual has difficulty with mobility, food can be cut into small pieces or prepared with a desired consistency in mind.

They will then assist with the usual evening routine, be that watching TV, reading, bathing or calling a relative. They will take guidance from the client on when they like to go to bed and their usual nightly routine. They might prefer to wash in the evening for example, or like to put their hair in rollers. Whatever their preferences, we can work with them to keep life as normal and pleasurable as possible.

The carer can help them get into bed and with any nightly needs such as taking medication, leaving certain lights on and providing any overnight care that might be needed. Our live-in carer will be on hand to assist with helping to go the toilet during the night or providing reassurance if they don’t like to be left alone.

How Many Hours Does A Live-In Carer Work?

A live-in carer is usually expected to work around ten hours a day, this may be split up or through a full day. As they live where they work, it is important that they take care to look after themselves and take breaks where necessary – these breaks and downtime will be discussed and agreed within the care plan.

As a paid employee of Live In Solutions, our carers are entitled to holiday and when they wish to be away for an extended period, we encouraged them to provide as much notice as possible to allow alternative care to be arranged for you.

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