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Whether you or a loved one have recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, we are sure you have plenty of questions about what this means. During the early stages of the illness, many people are able to continue to live at home and maintain independent lives for many years, but as it progresses, it is likely to become more difficult to look after themselves and their home.

This means they may need more support to keep on top of housework, shopping, maintaining personal hygiene and other daily activities.

Before this time comes, it is wise to make preparations while still of sound mind, such as making a will, lasting powers of attorney and an advance statement detailing your care wishes. You may wish to remain in your home rather than move to a care home, to remain in a familiar environment and provide an inheritance for your children.

Specialist Alzheimer’s home care

At Live In Solutions, we can provide Alzheimer’s home care so you can remain within your home, and we can work with you and or the family to design a care plan that works for you as the illness progresses, providing as much or as little support as you need at any specific time.

Live-in care round the clock support

Our carers can provide live-in care to provide support around the clock and be a constant presence of support within the home.

Different levels of support can be provided

Our carers can provide all kinds of support such as help with housework like laundry & ironing, cleaning, cooking and preparing meals, food shopping or running errands, helping with getting in and out of bed, personal hygiene or reminding or assisting with medication.

Adapting care plans to suit you or your loved ones needs

As the illness progresses, you may wish to increase the level of care and we can adapt your care plan around this. In the later stages, someone with Alzheimer’s will become increasingly dependent on others as they struggle with increased memory loss, find it difficult to eat or lose the ability to walk. We have Alzheimer’s care specialists ready and able to provide the very best care and support needed.

This added layer of support from a carer within the home can be a lifeline to both the client and their family, taking pressure off of family members and ensuring you or your loved one can have the level of support they need to cope with this illness.

Contact Live In Solutions, the Alzheimer’s care specialists

If you would like to discuss our Alzheimer’s home care, please get in touch to discuss your needs and we will be happy to help and advise you in developing a care plan that meets your needs and budget. Our carers are all fully qualified and trained and passionate about providing a high level of care and support during what will surely be a difficult time.

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