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Live-in care for couples is a way to allow elderly couples to stay together in their own home when they require some extra help to look after themselves. Often if one person requires extra care and their partner only needs very limited support, the only options will be for them to be split up when one needs to move into a care home. The idea of live-in care for couples is that both can stay in their home with help from a carer who can provide the care needed such as help getting up, getting ready, washing, and getting dressed or using the toilet. Or care more specific to the home such as cleaning, washing up, laundry, running errands, food shopping and preparing meals.

Personalised care plans for couples

The level and type of care needed can be discussed and agreed from the outset and a care plan can be designed around any specific needs. This can of course be updated or adapted as their needs change. It is ideal for couples where either one or both of the individuals need extra care which could be anything from recovering from surgery, a broken bone, a stroke or cancer or progressive conditions such as Parkinson’s, MS and Dementia. Or it could be an ongoing condition such as a physical or learning disability, chronic pain or arthritis.

Couples can be of any age, but this kind of care is especially beneficial for older couples where it can be difficult to both care for themselves and each other whilst also maintaining the home.

What care services will a carer provide for couples?

A live-in carer will live in the home with them, so will require their own room and working hours will be agreed, but you can benefit from round the clock care as and when you need it knowing there is 24/7 support should there be any issues and having a carer around can add an extra layer of security, comfort and peace of mind.

We know that independence is still important too, so our live-in care for couples with take into consideration those things a couple can no longer confidently do for themselves and tailor any support accordingly. Our carers will always encourage people to do task for themselves if they can do this safely and it is beneficial for them and the carer will work with them to encourage them and offer help if it is requested. We know it is important for some people to carry on doing what they can while they can, and this is an important element of live-in care as it allows them to live to their own schedule and routines which they would not always be possible in a care home with set routines.

In addition to the health benefits, a carer can also bring companionship and another person to talk to and share life stories with, be that help completing the crossword, watching TV together or just making a cup of tea and catching up on the day. A live-in carer can often become an intrinsic part of the household and almost part of the family while remaining ever professional.

On a shorter-term basis, we also offer respite care for couples which might be useful when for example on party returns from hospital and cannot provide support to the other or would find it difficult. This option allows them to be discharged and recover in their own home without being separated, which can be important for their wellbeing and happiness.

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