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At Live In Solutions, we are delighted to have received vaccinations for our staff, in conjunction with the vaccination rollout in the UK. More than 98% of our live-in care workers have now received both vaccination doses against COVID-19, giving you and your loved one’s complete peace of mind about the people that we send into your home.

As we continue to experience an unprecedented public health situation with COVID-19, we have asked that all our staff continue to observe the protocols that have served us well throughout the pandemic.

As a responsible care provider, we believe that if we continue to be consistent in our approach, we can be confident that we will not expose our clients, family carers, and our staff to any unnecessary risk.

Adapting our service considering the Pandemic

  • Government Guidance:

We continue to follow the latest government guidance to ensure that we are always safeguarding our clients, carers, and staff.

  • Business Continuity:

We continue to regularly review our business continuity and COVID-19 plan to ensure that as a care provider we always have adequate resource to ensure that critical care is prioritised.

  • Collaborative Working:

We continue to work together with the Homecare Association, NHS, and local care partners to ensure that our processes remain as safe as possible.

  • Communication:

We will always be transparent and communicate regularly with our clients, staff, and wider stakeholders about the steps we are taking to continue to manage COVID-19.

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