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Couples home care is when a couple both receive care in their own home, this could be for medical care, personal care or help with household tasks. Below, we list some of the benefits of this type of care.

Couples Can Stay Together

One of the biggest benefits of home care for couples is that it allows couples to stay living together in their own home rather than the risk of being separated with one in a care home and the other still at home or in a different home. Being able to stay together at home means they can stay in familiar surroundings and still be able to see each other whenever they want. This can be beneficial for their health and wellbeing and help with confusion if they are living with dementia.

Dedicated Care

Couples home care means couples can benefit from dedicated care that is focused on them and their needs, rather than a limited number of staff looking after a large group of clients. A care plan can be tailored to your needs ensuring that both receive all the care they need from help getting up and dressing, washing, toileting to cleaning, cooking and administering medication. This care can also be delivered at times that suit their individual routines.

Respite Care

Couples home care can also be provided as a respite service, for example if one half of the couple has returned from hospital and the other cannot provide care on their own or if one or both need short term additional support. We can arrange this respite care around your needs, whether this is booked in advance or unplanned and needed at short notice to allow for a return from hospital.

Tailored Care Plans

We can provide as much or as little care as you need to help maintain independence where you want it. We are happy to support and encourage independence and help encourage that tasks are carried out independently and stepping in as and when we are needed. Meanwhile, we can carry out other helpful tasks for you such as running errands, food shopping, cleaning, preparing food and personal care. Whatever care you need we will work with you to create a personalised care plan unique to you and your needs.

Live-in Couples Care

If you could benefit from round the clock care, we can also offer live-in couples care. This is when a carer lives in your home with you so they can provide care on a continual basis. This means they can be there for you in the night if you need them as well as helping you get ready in the morning or ready for bed in the evening. We work hard to expertly match you with a carer so you can benefit from companionship and build a friendly professional relationship. A live-in carer will need their own room and will usually work 10-hour days with a break once or twice a week but we can work with you to agree a care plan and specific working hours.

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