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Live in care usually consists of one dedicated carer

A live in carer will provide one on one dedicated care, living at the property of the person they care for, so they are able to assist them throughout the day and night as needed. This arrangement means that there is one carer who focuses on one client (or in some cases a couple) who need assistance to be able to continue to live independently in their own home.

This allows them to build a professional relationship and understanding with the person they care for, understanding their needs and routines to provide the best care. A live in carer will have their own room at the property so they are able to both work and live there.

Live in care in Chelmsford could consist of cooking or preparing food, light housework, help with medical care, assistance with personal care, running errands such as picking up prescriptions as well as providing companionship.

Live in care provides many benefits

Live in care ensures that there is one carer who provides that ongoing care, maybe two if they provide a rotation of care. This means that they are dedicated to that client and can deliver adequate care for their needs. In the case of visiting carers, they will often have many different clients to see across a day with a designated amount of time to spend at each, meaning those receiving this type of care may have an endless rotation of different carers who are time limited and not always familiar with what is needed.

This could also be compared to residential care where there may be a high client to carer ratio which makes it difficult to provide the adequate level of attention needed – especially if someone has a complicated or progressive condition.

Live in care encourages independence

The concept of beginning to receive care can be daunting for many, as it will be important for them to feel like they are still independent. Live in care allows for this flexibility and to allow a carer to adapt their care to the needs of the person they care for and encourage them to be independent with supervision when it is sensible to do so. This allows for important rehabilitation, recovery, and motor skills as well as positive mental health.

Being able to stay in their own home, safely, is a vital lifeline for some and live in care helps to provide that option, allowing someone to remain in their own home in a familiar environment where they have built memories and feel most comfortable and in control. Live in care does not have to be costly and some people may be eligible for assistance from their local authority towards the costs, allowing it to become a viable care option for more and more people.

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