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Consider Live In Care as an Option

One of our biggest care tips for 2022 is to consider live in home care as an option if you or a loved one needs additional care. Live in care is now much more accessible and affordable so it can be a much more viable option for more people.

It means that you or a loved one can remain in your own home whilst receiving care – with home comforts and familiar surroundings and still enjoying your independence when you want it.

Our live-in care Suffolk service provides a carer to live in your home with you to provide round the clock care when you need it – providing services such as help with cleaning, cooking, personal care, taking medication, travel to appointments and running errands.

It also means you can manage the risk of an outbreak situation, as seen in many care homes during the pandemic and can continue to receive visitors safely with testing.

Living with Coronavirus

As we continue to live with Covid-19 in 2022 and following the outbreak of Omicron late in 2021, it’s clear that caring in 2022 will still need to continue to consider the risks and impacts of Covid.

We are pleased to say that at Live In Solutions, we have been able to vaccinate the majority of our staff and over 98% of our visiting and live-in care workers are fully vaccinated so you can have peace of mind about the safety of care workers we put into your home.

We continue to take the risk of Coronavirus very seriously and ask all staff to isolate if they have symptoms and test on a weekly basis, as well as observing hand washing, social distancing and wearing PPE – ensuring they wear new PPE with each client.

You can see our full Covid-19 policy here.

Focus on Self-Care

If you are caring for a loved one or struggling to care for yourself, it might be worth considering some care on a live-in home care basis. It can be difficult to manage by yourself and it is important to look after your own wellbeing – both physically and emotionally.

Asking or looking for help is not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of self-care so if you’re struggling to manage it’s well worth looking into live-in  home care. We offer a range of flexible care plans that can be designed around you and your needs and budget.

Make a Plan

With a new year, many of us pledge to be more organised, so why not put together a care plan for your future or talk to an older relative about their care plan. Organisation is key, so researching and organising potential care plans ready for when you need them puts you in a much better place ahead of time.

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