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There could be any number of reasons why you may require emergency home care, such as a sudden accident which has left your loved one unable to move about as normal and needing additional care or a usual carer who has sustained an injury or illness that has means they can’t meet their usual caring responsibilities.  

Another common reason for emergency care is a sudden discharge from hospital and care is needed at home to support the recovery process at home or providing extra help around the home for somebody with a long-term condition or providing palliative care as someone lives out their last days at home.  

You may have been let down by your usual care provider or a carer has had to take an unexpected absence due to a family emergency. 

Whatever your reason for needing care at short notice, we can provide emergency care to ensure you or your loved one can be well looked after at home. We can provide care within 24 hours and in some cases less, so you can rest easy that you with have the care that is needed with as minimal disruption as possible.  

We can provide both visiting care and live-in care at short notice, so whether you need somebody to pop in for an afternoon to help with housework or provide company or need round the clock care – we will find you the perfect carer to meet your requirements.  

Why Emergency Care is Important

To get the quickest response for your emergency care, we suggest calling us and we’ll speak with you to understand your needs and arrange the care you need.  Needing care at short notice such as a following a hospital discharge can be stressful, so we aim to make the process of arranging emergency care as smooth as possible. Waiting for adequate care can be one of the biggest causes of delays in being discharged and we know how important it may be for your loved one to be back in their own home and familiar surroundings – especially in the current climate.  

We can provide emergency care across Essex and the surrounding area and our carers are highly trained in a number of different fields across long-term health conditions, physical disability, learning disabilities and palliative care. Whatever your needs, we will provide you with a carer that can provide seamless care. 

Live In Solutions are Here to Help

Call us now to arrange your emergency care and we’ll aim to provide you with a carer with 24 hours. We’ll devise a care plan with you and discuss the terms of the emergency care you need and of course this can be discussed and adapted during the care. When you call us, we can discuss costs with you and provide you with a quote, so you can make an informed decision. 

Contact us for a free no-obligation consultation on 01245 890336 or email us at office@liveinsolutions.co.uk. 

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