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A stroke occurs when there is a blood clot or bleed on the brain. A stroke can be a life-changing event, with varying severity and lasting effects for the survivor, such as difficulty with physical mobility, swallowing, continence, vision, speech, energy, concentration and memory. Some people can experience psychological effects such as depression, anxiety and personality changes too.

Changes such as these can be difficult to get used to, particularly if you previously were healthy or active and it can be difficult to come to terms with the effects a stroke can have on your independence. Whilst the recovery process can seem a lengthy process, the right care can make all the difference in helping to quickly restore some form of normality to your life.

Specialist After Care For Stroke Survivors

Dealing with the effects of a stroke, can result in increased demands being placed on friends and family to act as carers to assist the person who has suffered the stroke with everyday tasks. Often this support will be needed at a time when these people may have other commitments such as a job, other dependents to also look after or their own health issues.

Enlisting professional care can be beneficial for both the person who has suffered the stroke and their family or friends allowing both periods of time to enjoy some sort of normality and get on the path to recovery. A live-in carer can be a vital lifeline following a stroke, providing the level of round the clock care and support that will often be required.

Whether the stroke survivor lives alone or with a partner or family member, a live-in carer can be that constant support for them and an essential part of their stroke care. From the early days of helping them with restoring key cognitive skills to taking them to physiotherapy, speech, language and occupational therapy and helping them practise these things at home – this dedicated support is often key to making a full recovery.

Quality Care To Aid Stroke Recovery

Research has shown that stroke survivors have an improved quality of life when they are given adequate support to take control of their symptoms. We have carers experienced in stroke care to help them practise movements and exercises and develop a daily routine to help them on the road to regaining their independence.

Live-in care allows someone to continue to live in their home in familiar surroundings near family which can also be beneficial to the recovery process. As a care option, it is a lot more affordable than you may think and is the ideal solution to take pressure away from unpaid family carers whilst ensuring that the person who has suffered the stroke gets the full attention they need to recover. With all the changes the after-effects of a stroke can bring, being able to stay living at home is a vital tie to some normality.

How Can A Live-In Carer Help?

As the name suggests, live-in carers live in the same home as the person they are caring for, so they are ready and available to provide round the clock care. Our carers provide support as and when needed, encouraging the recovery process and listening to the needs of the client encouraging them to maintain independence where they can.

As well as taking them to therapies and appointments, a live-in carer will encourage them to continue these exercises at home and can also help with household tasks as and when needed such as cooking, helping with laundry, ironing and shopping.

Our carers aim to build a friendly and supportive relationship with their client, providing care with respect and dignity at its forefront to allow them to feel safe and supported in every aspect of their care. This is especially important should they need assistance with elements of personal care such as bathing or using the toilet.

Stroke Care with Live In Solutions

At Live In Solutions, we proudly provide trustworthy and dependable carers across the south east. We understand it can be a big step to welcome a stranger into your home, but we aim to put you at ease and support you through the entire process, answering any of your questions and ensuring you are always comfortable with the person who will live with you and the service that they will provide.

Contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss the services we can provide you and the costs involved when hiring a live-in carer. At a time of crisis, many people think residential care is the only option available to them, but this is far from the case and live-in care can provide many benefits that a residential home simply cannot meet.

You may also be able to qualify from added support from your local authority or the NHS as part of the UK government’s ‘personalisation’ framework allowing you to receive an allowance to obtain whichever form of care you feel best meets your needs.

If you would like to discuss and find out more about our live-in care options, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us at Live In SolutionsLive In Solutions. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to those wanting to find out more about Live In Solutions and our services – give us a call on 01245 890336.

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