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Today’s topic is never an easy one to consider or talk openly about, yet we find that the better informed our families and those in need of care are, the easier this topic is to process.

End of life care is a complex and incredibly personal experience for each person and family that we interact with, as everything from age and lifestyle to underlying conditions and specific preferences all play a massive part in the process and what happens. However, our team of carers are always on hand to facilitate and support whatever the individual needs and wants as part of their final wishes, providing hands-on and emotional support to all involved.

Here is a short guide to end-of-life care from Live in Solutions, including how we deliver end of life care at home.

Why so many people choose to opt for end of life care at home

End of life care at home means spending your final days, weeks, or months in the place that you feel most comfortable. It is a dedicated form of support which sees a carer come and visit you or your loved one at home as often as they are needed, delivering physical and emotional support, and ensuring that the family have everything they need to be completely comfortable.

It also involves talking to all those involved through the process and formulating a care plan which consists of all the little things that you need a carer to arrange so you are free to spend valuable time with those who matter to you.

Of course, end of life care at home is not always possible and must be discussed with an appropriate health professional carer beforehand, to ensure the safety and comfort of the individual in need of support.

What an end of life care plan looks like

Each end-of-life care plan is different and discloses the final wishes of the individual in need of care, as well as requirements and wishes expressed by the client and loved ones, around the appropriate form of care to be provided. It is important to us as you care provider, that the standard and level of care that we provide you with is in line with your priorities, wishes, beliefs, and preferences, which is why we always take the time to find the right match between client and carer.

Beyond that, the end of life is plan is designed to provide the support, which is wanted and needed, not just providing hands-on medical and physical support to the individual in need of care but also doing small chores and tasks which make the process easier for everyone.

If you need to discuss end of life care or any other form of live in care, our team are always on hand to help and offer advice.

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