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Whether you’re living with a debilitating or chronic condition, a life-altering disability, or are elderly and struggle to complete some everyday tasks and routines, live-in care is a solution which combines around-the-clock support within the comfort of your own home.

A care solution which brings professional support right to your doorstep, live in care in Essex is a flexible and versatile alternative which ensures that the individual in need of support can benefit from the precise level of help they need.

Here are three reasons why live in care is a good alternative to a care home placement or respite setting.

1. Live in care is more personalised and flexible

First things first, live in care is one of the more personalised solutions when it comes to care, particularly for those with complex needs. With a live in carer on hand, the individual in need of support can build a relationship with that carer – with the carer becoming a key aspect of their support system part of their everyday life.

Having a live in carer means that the carer can take on different roles to those offered in a care home or specialised facility, allowing you to retain a sense of independence and normality for as long as possible.

2. Live in care supports the whole family

When someone needs constant care and support, whether they are an adult living with a chronic condition or an elderly parent or family member whose health and mobility are deteriorating, it’s not just the individual themself who is affected.

Family members can become very involved in providing care, to such an extent that it starts to affect their well-being as they worry about their relatives. Live in care, allows them to hit play on their own life again, safe in the knowledge that they can not only access information and updates on their relative as and when required but they can also visit them whenever they want.

This allows families to retain a sense of normality for all those involved and makes the move into more permanent and fulltime care easier to navigate.

3. It puts individuals in need of care at ease

This is one of the biggest reasons why clients and families come to us – to provide their loved ones with consistent support and care but in a setting which is familiar to them, and which puts them at ease.

Whether elderly or needing care because of another condition, being at home immediately ensures that the individual receiving care is in a setting in which they feel comfortable; elevating their quality of life and giving them access to the home comforts which make them happier, more relaxed, and more open to outside support.

This also allows them to hold onto some semblance of normality and their regular daily routine, with a live in carer able to help facilitate and enhance that daily routine where possible.

If live in care is an alternative that you are open to exploring for yourself or a family member, get in touch with us today.

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