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No matter where you work, some-day you may be asked the question – why? Is your job a vocation, a family tradition, or just a stepping-stone? We’ve compiled a list of the 5 main reasons we think working as a carer is one of the most fulfilling careers in the world.

1. Job security

In this time of recession, ever increasing energy prices, and the current pandemic, we’ve all had to tighten our purse-strings. However, one sector where there is and will always be jobs available is healthcare. As a country we’re living longer than ever and learning the benefits of both modern care homes and in-home care. The NHS and private healthcare sectors are both working towards improving care in the community and keeping the elderly out of hospitals, except where medically necessary, leading to improved physical and mental health for patients, and a surge of available jobs for those interested in a career in care.

2. Give back to the community and see the impact of your work

Working in a variety of jobs and careers these days can lead you to the question, is this it? Putting in your all every day may bring in money for the business but coming in each day to the same office or store can really start to get you down. Care work can be challenging, but with each day you get the joy of seeing the difference your work makes. You could give your clients their freedom and independence back or even allow them to continue to live a fulfilling life in the community.

3. Learn while you earn

Whether you have a background in care, nursing, customer support or any other sector, there is always more you can learn. Caring offers a huge variety of courses you can study while you work, helping to build your confidence, skills and opening up a world of future possibilities. Best of all many of these qualifications are offered through your workplace themselves, no cost involved.

4. Multiple paths of career progression

Once you’ve entered a career in care work you will get the chance to meet a wide range of people with varying needs, and along the way in your experiences or studies you may develop a speciality, be it client-facing or management, in-home care, or care homes. You may even find your niche working with a specific cohort of clients such as those with specific mental or physical conditions such as dementia or stroke.

5. Because you care

The ultimate reason for working in care is also the most obvious – because you care. If you value dignity, compassion, and integrity a career in care may be for you. Personality traits such as empathy, a willingness to listen and reliability will make you go far, and a sense of humour will help you make bonds that can last a lifetime. As a carer one of the things you’ll find early on is that a warm smile and a willingness to take the time for a chat can make a world of difference to those you are caring for.

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