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Physical Disability Care UK

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A Care Plan To Suit You

A physical disability shouldn’t be a barrier to being able to live a full and active life, at Live In Solutions we can work with you to develop a care plan that suits your specific needs. Whether you need us to visit a couple of times a week or need a live-in carer – we can work with you to organise a care plan to suit you.

We can assist you in various areas of your life, managing responsibilities such as work and day to day living, keeping connected with friends and family and attending social events, keeping fit and healthy by helping you with daily movements or helping you get to appointments or assistance with personal care and domestic duties.

Live-In Care For Those With a Physical Disability

We can provide a live-in carer if you need assistance full time, meaning you will have the reassurance of being supported and cared for around the clock. We carefully match carers and their clients, so you can both develop a working relationship based on trust and mutual understanding – after all you will spend many hours of the day together!

Our careers are trained in caring for people with a number of different physical disabilities and a range of communication, physical and sensory support needs. Your comfort, happiness and dignity are at the centre of all the care we give, and we insist on respect being at the forefront of the relationship between carer and client.

Our carers can help provide personal care as well as help keep your home clean and tidy and complete domestic chores. They can also provide healthy hearty meals and help with tasks such as shopping and attending appointments.

Live-in care for those with a physical disability can take many different forms and we are happy to discuss your needs and how our service can meet and exceed your expectations. We know that there are some aspects of your life were you may wish to maintain your independence and we will always respect your right to choose and take our cue from you at all times – maintaining consent and an understanding of what you need from us and what you prefer to do for yourself.

Caring For Someone With a Physical Disability

If you are caring for someone with a physical disability and need support, we are happy to provide help on either a part-time or full-time basis. Caring for a family member or partner can be demanding and it is important to look after your own mental health and take regular respite.

Alternatively, you may have other commitments outside your caring role and in this case, we can provide care while you are away from the home. Whatever your needs, we are happy to try and accommodate them and provide professional care for your loved one.

The Benefits of our Physical Disability Care Service

  • Stay in your own home
  • Maintain your independence
  • Care from staff that have specialist training
  • Better value for money than a care home
  • Support with all personal care, including washing, dressing and eating healthy meals
  • Proactive encouragement and support to continue living an enriched life
  • Complete emotional support for yourself and your loved ones
  • Flexibility – fluctuating symptoms means every day is different so our services are completely flexible to accommodate your changing wishes and needs
  • More confidence to do the things you love
  • Peace of mind for you and your loved one

Affordable Physical Disabilities Care

Our aim is to provide good quality care at an affordable price, our live-in care provides an affordable alternative to a care home and allows you or a loved one to remain within the family home and in familiar surroundings.

Our flexible range of care options means you can design a care arrangement that fits specifically around you and your needs. We are able to provide care across a range of areas and will work with you to understand your expectations and needs from your carer.

We can help you maintain a regular routine; give you support in running of your home and provide health and personal care. It is important to us that our carers always act with respect and friendliness, so you can feel comfortable and confident about our care at all times. Call us now to discuss our wide range of care options and how they can fit into your routine and budget.

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