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Hospital to Home Care

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Managing the Transition of Care from Hospital to Home

Leaving hospital can be a daunting step in the recovery process, whether the stay was planned or an emergency, so it is important to feel confident you have the necessary care provision in place to make the transition home a smooth one. For many – especially after a long stay in hospital – the chance to be back in the comfort of your own home is long awaited and welcomed.

Once discharged from hospital, it is likely that some form of outpatient care and help at home is required and depending on the health issue it may be difficult to move around and do things for yourself as easily as before, wounds may need regular attention and medication may need to be administered.

If someone lives alone, it may be a requirement to have hospital to home care carer in place to provide vital support as a prerequisite for discharge from hospital. Hiring a professional carer means you can feel confident that a loved one is getting the care they need around the clock if you can’t be there. It can be difficult to leave the care of a loved one in the hands of someone else, but our carers are experienced professionals who care deeply about providing the very best care.

Hospital to Home Care Services

A carer can provide vital care to help make the transition from hospital to home smoother, providing services such as light housekeeping, food shopping and accompanying to hospital appointments as well as assistance with washing, dressing and any other personal care requirements as well as medication administration.

At Live In Solutions we can provide carers on a part-time, full-time or live-in basis depending on your needs and requirements. We provide professional and personalised hospital to home care plans at affordable prices from experienced friendly carers.

If you live with someone who requires care but you need to continue to work or need respite, a carer can be a great addition on a part-time basis to help ease the pressure of this caring role on you, whilst ensuring that your loved one continues to receive the vital care they require.

Hospital to Home Care Transition

The transition of care from hospital to home can be daunting, but we aim to make it as smooth as possible with our professional experienced carers. We aim to match our carers and clients to ensure both parties feel comfortable and that they can build a professional friendly relationship with mutual trust and respect.

You can discuss your needs with us and we can put together a hospital to home care plan that suits you, we can work with you to find a solution that fits your budget, timing, care requirements and time frame.

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We provide our care services across Essex and whether you are planning for the future or need a last-minute carer following a discharge from hospital, we will work with you to meet your needs and demands and provide the care services you need.

Our home carers mean you or a loved one can recover and recuperate in the comfort of your own home with one on one care and support. During this transition period, it is imperative that you avoid straining or doing anything that might affect or elongate your recovery.

Call us now to discuss your requirements and we will work with you to provide you with the perfect carer to provide valuable care in familiar surroundings and help aid the recovery process.

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