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When considering care at home for either yourself or a loved one, often one of the most daunting issues will be how this care will be paid for. Below we have outlined some of the options available, with contact information shown where relevant.

As a company we will always be upfront about the cost of our services. In most instances, we should be able to give you a guideline cost when you initially enquire. Once a member of our assessment team has visited you at home and gained a better understanding of your care needs, we will confirm the cost of your on-going care. A contract will be drawn up confirming this information. There are no hidden costs or lengthy notice periods.

Give our office a call on 01245 890336 and speak with one of our staff to gain a better understanding of the possible costs involved and the funding options that may be available.

Privately Funded Care

Privately funded options such as Equity Release, Annuity Based Care Plans and Long-term Care Insurance are available. We suggest that your next step is to contact an independent financial adviser through the Financial Services Authority to find out more information.

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Social Care Funding

If you have social care needs, you could be eligible for social care funding through your local authority. This type of funding is means tested, which means you may have to contribute to – or completely pay for – the overall cost of your care.

In the first instance you need to contact your local authority to ask them to complete a financial assessment. Once completed, they will confirm how much money they will be able to provide towards the costs associated with funding your care.

To find out more about social care funding, please contact the adult social care team at your local authority.

Direct Payments

Direct Payments are money paid by the Local Authority directly to people who have been assessed as suitable to receive care at home. This money is to enable you to organise your own home care, as an alternative to care organised and managed by the Local Authority. The cash payment via Direct Payments must be used to arrange services to meet the individuals care need as assessed by their social worker.

Direct payments can be used to buy all of the support that a person has been assessed as needing or just part of that support. There is a range of support services available. Each person’s needs are different; it is important to discuss and agree with your social worker what the direct payment will be spent on. For more information on Direct Payments contact your local Social Services Department or the Department of Health telephone number: 08701 555455 website www.doh.gov.uk or www.direct.gov.uk

NHS Continuing Health Care Funding

NHS continuing care is a package of care arranged and funded solely by the NHS. It can be provided to people in their own homes. It should be provided to people whose health needs are such that there care is totally the responsibility of the NHS.

NHS continuing care is free to people who qualify under guidelines set by their local Strategic Health Authority and/or social services. If NHS continuing care is provided in an individual’s own home, the NHS will meet the full cost of the service user’s personal health needs including equipment and adaptations to the home and may cover your living and accommodation costs. For more information contact your local CCG, or NHS Direct or call 111 and they will be able to give you more information.

Self-Directed Support & Individualised Budgets

Self-directed support is designed to help people take control of their own social care budgets, manage their own support and choose the services that suit them best using the money from different areas more flexibly. The person is at the centre of the planning process as they are best placed to understand their own needs.

People who have been assessed as eligible to receive community care services under the Government Fair Access to Care Services Guidelines [FACS], are eligible for public funding and who are willing and agreeable to accessing all the money to which they are entitled. People who have a support need themselves or someone on their behalf can contact Adult Social Care to ask for an initial assessment of their needs. A meeting will be arranged to assess if you are eligible to receive support from Adult Social Care.

If you are eligible Adult Social Care will need to know what support you need to live the way you choose. You will need to complete a simple form called a Self-Directed Support Questionnaire; this is part of the Resource Allocation System [RAS]. You can do this yourself, with help from Social Care or other people who you choose. The RAS will show what support you need and the amount of money that may be available to meet your needs from Adult Social Care. The RAS will also show if you need to claim other benefits if you are eligible to do so. With an Individualised Budget you can choose to have services provided by Adult Social Care in addition to employing people directly. You cannot do this with direct payments. Your Individual Budget may also include money from other organisations: Independent Living Fund, Supporting People, Disabled Facilities Grant, and Integrated

For more information on Self-directed Support & Individualised budgets contact your local Social Services Department or the Department of Health telephone number: 08701 555455, website www.doh.gov.uk

Independent Living Funds

These are set up and financed by central government and are dedicated to the financial support of disabled people enabling them to choose to live in the community rather than in residential care. ILF disregards a client’s earnings and that of partners so that you can continue to earn without losing any funding. Independent living funding is only available for those over 16 and under the age of 65. Contact the ILF directly on 0845 601 8815 or email your query to funds@ilf.org.uk.