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What is live in care?

Live in care is an ideal care option for somebody that requires companionship, security or constant/round the clock care, it means they will have a carer live at their property, who will be able to assist them with a range of day to day tasks such as light housework, food preparation, running errands such as food shopping and picking up prescriptions, help with mobility and medications and personal care such as help with washing, getting dressed and going to the toilet.

A live in carer will work to the requirements and ability of the person they care for and they will encourage independence where it is safe to do so. The one-on-one care they provide means they can build a relationship with the person they care for and develop an understanding of their needs and routines.

A live in carer needs their own room as part of the role, where they can rest and live outside of their working hours.

Why choose live in care in Brentwood?

More and more people have a desire to remain in their own homes as long as possible so they can remain in a familiar environment and enjoy the independence and routines they are used to as well as ensuring their home can remain in their ownership.

The benefits of Brentwood live in care are that somebody can benefit from one carer who is always available, understands their needs and routines, has the time to help them and provide the care and attention required. In residential care, this level of care can be difficult to maintain due to carers caring for many different residents at any one time.

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When considering live in care in Brentwood, as a care option, some may think it’s too expensive for them, but it can be surprisingly affordable and there is the possibility of qualifying for government help towards or to cover care expenses.

Live in care ensures somebody can remain in their own home, in familiar surroundings and can enjoy the activities and routines they love as well as seeing friends, family and neighbours on their own terms.

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Our carers are all thoroughly checked and are provided with training and support from a local care supervisor. We have carers with specialised training in a range of conditions to suit your needs.

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