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What is live in care?

Live in care is an ideal solution for a person who needs care throughout the day and night, needs companionship or to assist a family carer. A live in carer can provide support to those who might need additional help for any number of reasons such as disability, illness, injury, or a progressive condition.

A live in care lives at the property of the person they care for which means they are there to provide ongoing support and can build that rapport and understanding that can only be achieved by time spent together. Whether somebody needs constant care and attention or just an additional bit of support and security – a live in carer will be there to provide whichever is needed – providing support when required and maintaining independence when appropriate.

Live in care in Ipswich could include helping with a variety of tasks such as personal care, like help getting dressed, going to the toilet, or washing, preparing food, light housework, running errands such as food shopping and picking up prescriptions, pet care and more. A care plan can be designed bespoke to needs.

A live in carer needs their room so they have somewhere to sleep and relax when off duty.

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Why choose live in care in Ipswich?

Live in care in Ipswich is an ideal solution for a person who wants to remain in their own home but needs some extra support to enable them to do so safely. Understandably, somebody would want to remain in familiar surroundings where they have built memories over the years and for others it’s maintaining a sense of independence and freedom that is not always possible in residential care.

Live in care provides an ideal solution for many – providing a middle ground between visiting care and residential care. It means someone can live on their terms, see friends and family when they want to and enjoy the routines and independence of daily life.

Ipswich live in care means that a carer and their client can build a relationship built on trust, understanding and familiarity. In a residential care setting, a carer is often looking after multiple people whereas with visiting care there are often different carers and limited visit times to make a real difference and provide the best care.

ian keating
ian keating
As a recipient of 3Ha healthcare, I can highly recommend there services. Every individual that cared for me, treated me with dignity and respect. A thoroughly professional organisation, with exceptional staff.
Jimi Adedayo
Jimi Adedayo
Great levels of care given all round. Support lines are very helpful & the resources available are unique & tailored to your needs.
Chidimma Ngene
Chidimma Ngene
I have been with 3HA for years now. And as a staff I feel well valued and respected. The managers and the company director have all been in the field so they have a very good idea of what the main job is all about. All the office staffs are very nice and friendly and really helpful. The trainings are all up to date and very relevant and beneficial in the field. I feel well equipped with adequate PPE and confident to carry out my duties. They truly understand the need to care! Both their clients and their staffs are a priority, making sure you deliver excellent quality care. The fact that your emotional well-being is checked upon is awesome specially in the challenging time of covid. It is an honour to work with such a reputable company.
Ajibola Ibidapo-obe
Ajibola Ibidapo-obe
Working with 3HA was a privilege and honour. I learned valuable skills that helped me in my role has a service provide. The company is focused on delivering the best care for all clients and efforts are made to encourage staff to fulfil their Protential. The managers are very experienced and are happy to help you develop in any role within the company.

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You can also book a live in care consultation for us to discuss what you are looking for and to build a bespoke care plan so you can see what we can provide and how much the service is likely to cost you, so that you can make an informed decision.