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After Stroke Care

A stroke can have different effects on the body and can be of varying severity, this often depends on how quickly the symptoms are spotted and the length of time before the person suffering the stroke receives medical care. Strokes can have a detrimental effect of physical functions such as mobility, swallowing, continence and vision or other functions like speech, constant fatigue, concentration, memory loss or even emotional effects such as depression, anxiety and personality changes.

It can be a worrying and demanding time for both the person who has suffered the stroke and the family or friends caring for them, dealing with these changes and the often-lengthy recovery process.

Recovery after Stroke

The recovery after stroke is a long process but many people can make a full recovery with the right care and support. You may wish to continue recovery at home with appointments for rehabilitation therapy such as physiotherapy, speech therapy, language therapy and occupational therapy.

Our carers can provide assistance with maintaining personal care such as help getting in and out of bed, bathing, dressing, cleaning and preparing meals or day-care while a loved one is at work or just needs some respite.

We can provide care on both a full and part time basis or even a live-in carer to provide round the clock care & support.

Home Care After Stroke

A stroke can put unexpected pressure on family members and even with the best will in the world, it is a huge undertaking to care for a loved one on a full-time basis. For both your mental wellbeing and for family and work commitments, employing a carer can reduce some of the pressure and strain and help provide you with the respite and support you need.

We have carers experienced in stroke care who will work closely with the client giving them the time and patience they need. They will help establish a daily routine and help them practise their movements, exercises and skills to help them work towards returning to their former self.

We realise that a stroke can suddenly take away independence and can be hard to come to terms with, that’s why our carers will treat the clients they care for with unwavering respect and dignity whenever providing care.

Employing a Carer For After Stroke Care

There are a number of reasons you may look at enlisting the help of a carer when looking for after stroke care for a loved one. If you are faced with this situation, there will be a multitude of responsibilities suddenly thrust upon you, at a time when you are also trying to come to terms with the effects the stroke has had on your family member and both your lives.

Nobody expects you face these challenges all on your own and it is important that you have time for yourself and take the respite you need to maintain your own mental wellbeing and the relationship between you and the person you are caring for. As well as this, you may also have children to care for or a job that still require your commitment. You might not live with your loved one or live far away which can make daily drop ins difficult.

Home care in this situation, is a lot more affordable than you may think and can be on a full-time or part-time basis. From the outset, we match our clients to the right carer to ensure they can develop a great professional relationship and feel comfortable in each other’s company.

Home care after stroke can be incredibly useful and helps provide a sense of normality again to the person recovering from the stroke. Dealing with the effects of a stroke can be difficult for both the stroke survivor and their family and it is important to try and keep life as normal as possible while providing the important care they need.

Our carers are friendly and professional and are given plenty of training, call us now to see how we can help.

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