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A Guide to Live in Care

Live In care in Woking is an ideal option for someone that needs additional care but wants to remain living in their own home. A live in carer lives at home with the person they care for, allowing them to provide care throughout the day as and when needed.

This means that the carer can be a constant source of support, build a professional relationship based on trust and understanding of the abilities of the person they care for, so they can encourage independence where it is safe and appropriate to do so. It also ensures they are well placed to notice any worrying changes or symptoms.

A live in carer in Woking will need to be provided with their own room. They can provide a range of different forms of help and assistance around the home such light housework, cooking, laundry, food shopping, picking up prescriptions, accompaniment to appointments, pet care and personal care such as help with dressing, washing and going to the toilet.

Why choose live in care in Woking

Live in care provides an ideal alternative to residential care, allowing someone to stay living safely in their home as well as benefitting from one-on-one care rather than the ratios of 10 to 1 or more often found in residential homes. It also means they can retain their independence and routines helping with their mental health and cognitive ability.

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A live in carer will make minimal disruption to your normal routine and can be a lifeline for a family carer. They can ensure the person they care for gets the help they need and help them do the things they enjoy such as seeing friends and family, visiting social clubs, going on days out, shopping or even just reading the paper or watching TV.


Our carers encourage independence where it is safe and practical to do so and will provide the support needed to help provide the very best care and outcomes for you and your loved one. We have carers with a range of experience and specialities and will match you with the perfect carer for your needs.

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