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What is Respite Care?

Respite care is a form of temporary care when the normal carer is unavailable, such as a family carer in need of a break or your usual carer taking annual leave or needed at short notice for a family emergency.

Respite care could be anything from a few hours or days to a few weeks. A respite carer will take on the same responsibilities as the current carer such as personal care, mobility support, administering medication, providing companionship, cooking meals or food shopping, housekeeping, arranging visits to day centres or friends, looking after pets and helping the person they are caring for stick to routines that they rely on.

Our carers are trained in a range of condition specific care such as dementia, physical disability, learning disability, recovery from surgery, palliative care and much more. Simply enquire with us and we will be sure to match you with a respite carer who can provide you or a loved one with seamless respite care.

Why is Respite Care Important?

Whether you are a paid professional carer or an unpaid family carer, everybody needs a break from caring responsibilities and some time to themselves to relax and recharge after spending the majority of their time caring for someone else.

Taking a break from caring responsibilities is important for mental health and wellbeing and to keep the caring relationship healthy. Caring full time with little to no break can lead to resentment and might mean you find yourself quickly losing your temper and or becoming frustrated.

Whether you need to take a day for yourself or book yourself on a long weekend or two-week holiday, respite care is there to provide that support, so that you can rest easy and know that your loved one is in the best possible hands whilst you are away.

Whether you have had this break planned for ages or need respite care for an emergency, Live In Solutions are there to provide that much needed support when you need it. All of our carers are fully qualified and trained and we are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

How To Arrange Respite Care

If you are looking to arrange respite home care, either on an emergency or planned basis, please give us a call at Live In Solutions and we can arrange this for you.

We will work with you to understand your needs and the needs of the person we will be caring for so that we can provide them with all the care that they need while you are away – whether that is keeping to certain routines, preparing certain meals or taking them to weekly classes or groups.

Our rates vary depending on whether you will need live-in care for multiple weeks or for a short period. We are happy to take you through our pricing and provide you with a quote when you enquire about your respite booking so that we can come up with a care plan that suits you.

At Live In Solutions, we specialise in providing excellent one to one care with professional friendly and thoughtful carers. We will match you with the perfect carer, so you can rest easy knowing that your respite care is all taken care of and your loved one is in the safest possible hands.

Call us now to arrange or find out more about our respite care.

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