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What Is Live In Care?

Live in care is when a carer lives with the person they care for at their property, so they can provide care across the day and night as and when required. Live in care allows a carer to be there to provide support and understand the routines and abilities of the person they care for, as well as build a rapport and familiarity.

It is ideal if someone needs increasing care to live independently but does not want to give up their home or move into residential care. It means they can remain in a familiar environment where they have built memories over the years and can see friends and family at their convenience.

A live in carer can care for someone who lives alone, helping to provide companionship and support or to assist a family carer or elderly couple who need assistance. Live in care in Surrey can enable elderly people to continue to maintain independence safely.

Live In Care Benefits for the Elderly

Getting older is such a variable experience for everyone, but often it can see people dealing with a range of health conditions such as arthritis, dementia, stroke, cancer and increasing mobility issues. Some people may be quite active into their ninety’s whist others can experience difficulties much earlier in their sixties and seventies.

But whatever your needs or the needs of older relatives, a live in carer can provide much needed support to help make life easier. A carer can take on a range of tasks to help with daily life such as help with personal care such as getting dressed, going to the toilet, washing or with chores around the house such as preparing food, carrying out light housework, laundry, pet care or picking up prescriptions and essentials.

For families that have work and home commitments or live slightly further away, a live in carer can provide peace of mind that their elderly loved one is being looked after and remains safe and well.

Is Live In Care Expensive?

Live in care is more affordable than you may think, and you could qualify for help from your local council towards the cost of care. A care plan can be designed bespoke to someone’s needs and budget, to provide a workable solution.

The other added benefit of live in care is that there is one carer who will build an understanding and relationship with the person they are caring for – instinctively understanding their needs and routines. Something which can’t always be guaranteed with visiting or residential care where time and resource is limited.

Live in care is becoming increasingly popular, particularly after the pandemic, as it is seen as a care option that provides many benefits for the elderly or disabled.

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