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Live-in care is an ideal care option when somebody needs care on a continual basis and would prefer to stay living within their own home rather than move into a care or residential home. The option to stay at home is often desirable for many people, because it means they do not face the upheaval of moving, can stay in familiar surroundings and see family and friends when it suits them.

The different care options available

When searching for live in care Essex, there are many options such as private live-in care, introductory live-in care or fully managed live-in care. At Live In Solutions, we only provide fully managed live-in care which means our carers are employed by us, so you do not have to worry about employment contracts, training and holiday pay as that is all managed by us – taking the stress out of hiring and managing a carer yourself.

We invest in the training of our carers and offer attractive rates of pay, rewarding our staff for loyalty which means when you choose a live-in carer through us, you can feel confident you will have a reliable and skilled professional caring for you or your loved one.

Qualifications and personality play a big part

When searching for live in care in Essex, you should look for someone who has the qualifications and training to fulfil the role and has experience in caring for your particular condition. It is also important there is chemistry there, because as someone who will be providing live-in care for someone, it is important both parties are happy and get along. We carefully match our carers with clients to ensure that an excellent professional relationship can develop.

We will also ensure that both parties understand the scope of the care, by working together on a care plan and agreeing on working hours, holiday and the expectations of the role so you are both on the same page from the outset.

We fully vet all of our carers, checking their work references, training and qualifications as well as running a fully DBS check. We provide regular training to ensure they are fully qualified and confident in their role, so you can always feel confident in their competence to provide a quality service.

Living arrangements

When considering a live-in carer, you should consider where they will live. You will need to provide a bedroom or living space for them as they will be living in your home. This will be where they will sleep and spend their time when they are not working. By carefully matching you with a carer, you will have someone that should fit perfectly within your home.

Consistent reviews and check-ups

Being regularly monitored also ensures that we constantly check that our carers are providing the best standard of care. We review and audit the quality of our service through home visits, telephone reviews and spot checks. There is also a yearly customer survey and we take any and all feedback on board. As a fully managed live in carer provider, we are also monitored and assessed by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

We use the latest technology, so your wellbeing is monitored in real time by our care team and your family members who can access our care records and monitor your progress through the Family & Friends app.

Live-in home care with Live In Solutions

If you would like to find out more about our live-in care in Essex and help finding an arrangement and carer that suits you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and discuss your needs so we can get to work matching you with a carer and agreeing on a care plan.

Our live-in care is affordable and offers a great alternative to a care home, meaning you can stay living at home and maintain your independence and the daily schedule that suits you.

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